The Unifrutti brand and group was born in 1983. Since its establishment, it has become the most important agricultural product distributor in the Middle East. In the 1990s, Unifrutti increased its investment in Chile and South Africa, Turkey and the Philippines, and established a shipping company from production Integrated chain, and various distribution centers throughout the global market. At the same time, Unifrutti developed and gained significant market share in Europe and Japan, exporting more than 50 million fresh produce each year, and Unifrutti's total planting area between its farms in Chile, the Philippines and South Africa exceeds 14,000 hectares. Considered one of the largest private groups in the fresh produce industry.


    Through our extensive global network, efficient agricultural and commercial practices provide the highest quality fresh fruits, increasing the value chain and quality of life for stakeholders.


    Unifrutti prides itself on being a global reference for fruit culture and superior products. By imparting knowledge in agriculture, it also improves the sustainability of the surrounding environment. Protect and restore the environment through reforestation and other effective measures to maintain an ideal climate conducive to sustainable agricultural production.


    Unifrutti employee treatment, social and environmental improvement policies always adhere to the highest standards. Committed to sustainability and human resource development to create outstanding stakeholder value. Unifrutti is a company based on authenticity, trustworthiness, discipline, respect and persistence. Provide health and benefits to a broad customer base through extensive market knowledge and technology, research and innovative practices.