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Miraflores 222 piso 23 Cod.,
8320198, Santiago,
Unifrutti Traders Ltd., Owned by the De Nadai family, was founded in 1983 by Guido de Nadai, an Italian fruit business man who trusted in Chile and its people. As time has passed, Unifrutti® has become a fresh fruit grower and exporter, with shipments exceeding 11 million boxes per year, equivalent to more than 140 thousand tons of fresh fruit exported throughout the world. Thanks to the work in our sites, the constant research of new and better varieties, advanced technology in packing and post-harvest, we have been able to build a network of friends and clients around the world, whom we supply selected fruit from Chile. Unifrutti has 8 plants each with packing facilities, strategically distributed between Copiapó, located in the Third Region of Chile and up to Los Angeles in the Eighth Region of Bio Bio, covering and assuring the benefits of the broad spectrum of different climates and soils of de country. All sites operate under certified HACCP protocols. This ensures our customers the supply of top quality fresh fruit all year round.
UNIVIVEROS, A UNIFRUTTI COMPANY Univiveros® began its activities in 1986 as a sister company of Unifrutti Traders®, dedicated to the production and marketing of fruit plants and the administration and commercial develpment of fruit varieties. Univiveros® is known for the sanity and quality of its plants, for the diversity of its varieties, its innovativeness and its leadership in the introduction and evaluation of clonal rootstocks in most of the fruit species grown in Chile. At present, Univiveros® is the most important nursery in Chile, providing plants both to Unifrutti’s orchards as well as to third party growers. Hand in hand with Univiveros®, Unifrutti® is investing in human and financial resources on partnerships with several important breeding programs around the world. Furthermore, Univiveros® is member of A.N.A. (Andes Nursery Association) and also of the I.N.N. (International New Varieties Network), a worldwide nursery association.